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Hannah R. Knight 1837
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An imposing and historically important Delaware Valley sampler. Hannah was the daughter of Leonard and Ruth (Wynne) Knight. Her father was a descendant of Giles Knight, a passenger on the ship Bristol, who arrived with William Penn in 1682. Her mother was a descendant of Dr. Thomas Wynne, Penn's personal physician, who sailed on The Wecome with Penn. Hannah's sampler is part of a group worked just outside of Philadelphia in Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Hers is one of the most accomplished of known examples from this group, employing sophisticated laid stitching and two colors of thread in one needle to acheive shading effects. Conservation mounted in the original birds eye maple frame, 23" square with frame 28 1/4".  An extensive genealogy file included. Exhibited at The Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA. $12,000.00



Judith Gehman antique needlework sampler
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A Pennsylvania German sampler worked by Judith Gehman and dated 1846. This skillfully executed centered type Lancaster County needlework is probably Mennonite and shares many motifs with examples shown in Hersh, Samplers Of The Pennsylvania Germans, figure 6-39 and 6-40.
Excellent condition and fully conservation mounted. 13" wide X 14" high overall.


Massachusetts Family Register Sampler
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A great family register sampler wrought by Eliza B. Shattuck in 1836. Note that Eliza stitched in the name of her dwelling place, Barre (Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts) and that complete genealogical information is provided. The floral display is outstanding and the condition is beyond criticism. This needlework was obtained privately and had never been framed. Conservation mounted. 17 1/2" wide X 18 1/2" high sampler size.




Tidball antique needlework sampler
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A very important Allegheny County, Pennsylvania sampler worked by Sarah Tidball, niece of the well known needlework teacher Mary Tidball. This sampler is illustrated on page 43 of the Westmoreland Museum 2007 catalog "Made In Pennsylvania: A Folk Art Tradition" and is also pictured on the catalog cover.

There are scattered repairs, minor stitch loss but good overall condition. Fully conserved with UV glass and later frame. 19 1/2" wide X 24 1/2" high sampler eize.




Peggy McClure antique needlework sampler
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A pristine and colorful Quaker band sampler worked by Peggy McClure in 1809, probably Pennsylvania. Many popular Quaker motifs were stitched on this needlework in a variety of bright colors. This piece must have been tucked away in a drawer protected from the elements. The condition is perfect and the sampler has been fully conserved and mounted in a reproduction period frame. 7 1/2" wide X 21 1/2" high sampler size.

Gulielma Thomas chester County sampler
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A sophisticated and historically interesting Chester County, Pennsylvania extract sampler worked by Gulielma Thomas, great granddaughter of Isaac Thomas, the well known eighteenth century cabinetmaker.

The sampler was stitched with great skill at the school of the celebrated instructress  Elizabeth Passmore who is discussed in Betty Ring, Girlhood Embroidery, pages 398 -99 with pictures on page 401 showing similar motifs and embroidery style to this needlework. The entire ground surrounding the verse is covered with colorful flowers, birds and butterflies.

The sampler is in excellent condition with one small patch at the upper left border. It has been fully conserved and mounted in a reproduction mahogany frame with conservation glass. 20" wide X 14" high sampler size.

PRICE: $2,500.00



Philadelphia antique needlework sampler
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A good Philadelphia sampler worked by Elisabeth Nicholas and dated 1800, a smaller version of the tree lined stepped terrace group attributed to the schools of Mary Zeller, Hannah Keegan and others. This needlework has the same strawberry border, the wide floral band across the top and some of the motifs as pictured in Betty Ring, page 362, fig. 384 and attributed by her to Zeller. Excellent condition and fully conserved in a reproduction walnut frame. 15" wide X 16" high sampler size.

Records show an Elisa Nicholas born in 1787 and living in the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia.




Sarah Sellers antique needlework sampler
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A colorful nineteenth century Bucks County, Pennsylvania house sampler worked in wool on linen by Sarah Sellers in 1845. Also named is H. Walker and Maria S. Fisher who may have been instructors. This needlework is in excellent condition with a small darned area at the upper right border. It has been fully conserved and mounted in its original frame. 14 1/2" wide X 18 1/2" high sampler size.

PRICE: $2500.00



kyrk antique needlework sampler
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A well executed and colorful sampler, possibly Scottish  worked by Harriet Kyrk, age 12 years in 1822. Harriet also stitched the name of her instructress Rebecca Brown. This sampler is in excellent condition and is fully conserved. 16 1/2" wide X 17" high sampler size.

PRICE: $2400.00



Catharine Pankake antique sampler
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A colorful wool on linen sampler worked by Catharine Pankake and dated 1844. This piece is probably from Pennsylvania and contains several Quaker motifs. Excellent condition, fully conserved and mounted in its original frame and glass. 12 1/2" wide X 15 1/4" high sampler size.

Price: SOLD



1818 antique hollie-point sampler
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An extremely rare Delaware Valley sampler having cut work central panels with hollie-point insertions all surrounded by silk embroidery on a linen ground and signed in the center "S L - 1818" (Sarah Lamborn by family tradition). This small treasure is in good condition and fully conserved in a shadow box frame. It is said to have passed down through the Lamborn family of Philadelphia. 7 1/2" wide X 9" high sampler size.



miller antique needlework sampler
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A colorful Pennsylvania sampler worked by Martha Miller and dated 1806. This rural needlework combines an early Philadelphia central floral motif with designs from Lancaster and Cumberland Counties. Fully conserved and mounted in a reproduction frame. 15 1/2" wide X 21" high sampler size.

PRICE: $1500.00



darning sampler 1826
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A neatly worked darning sampler, probably Dutch with the initials D M E and dated 1826. Very good condition and fully conserved. 11" square sampler size.





Philadelphia Union School sampler
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A very rare, possibly unique Delaware Valley sampler signed "Lydia Noble's work, Philadelphia Union School, 1818".This carefully worked piece is in excellent condition with no losses. It contains many motifs and designs found in other examples from around the city. Our initial research has not as yet produced any information about the school. We have found Lydia's genealogy and Philadelphia birth records. Fully conserved. 16 1/2" wide by 17 1/4" high sampler size.




Chester County antique needlework sampler
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A very good Chester County sampler worked by Jane Beale in 1816. The needlework quality and the exceptional condition combine to make this piece an outstanding example. Along with the many local motifs seen on this needlework it is surprising to see a narrow split band running across the top above the text. Designs of this general type are often found on samplers from the Boston area. 20" wide X 17" high sampler size. 

This sampler was never exposed to the elements. The silk thread and the background linen are bright and colorful. The sampler is fully conserved and mounted in a reproduction frame.

PRICE: $ 4,500.00



           • • • SOLD • • •



Fenton antique needlework sampler
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A very good eighteenth century Pennsylvania house sampler worked by Mary Fentun (Fenton) at the age of nine in 1789. This work has numerous motifs found in Delaware Valley samplers of the period including pine trees, the stylized floral urn, the Georgian mansion and colorful peacocks. The misspelled words and backwards letters add charm to this piece and may indicate that Mary copied the text and did not know how to read or write.

Mary was baptized in Bucks County at the Low Dutch Church Of Southampton. She was the daughter of Cornelius and Mary Shaw Fenton both of whom died when she was still a child. Her grandfather, Dr. Joseph Fenton,Jr., a surgeon during the Revolutionary war, became her guardian.

Excellent condition, fully conserved and mounted in a reproduction frame. Fenton family background accompanies this needlework.


This needlework was exhibited at the "Stitches In Time" Mercer Museum Needlework Collection exhibit, Fall, 2012, Doylestown, Pa.



Ashbridge Chester County Sampler
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A very early and important Chester County band sampler worked by Hannah Ashbridge and dated 1731. This small treasure is the earliest known signed and dated sampler from this county and is also among Pennsylvania's first needleworks. Hannah was born in Goshen on Feb. 26, 1715 to George and Mary (Malin) Ashbridge and was one of ten children. Hannah embroidered the initials of her grandparents, her parents and all of her siblings on this wonderful piece.

Very good condition, fully conserved and mounted in a custom reproduction frame. A full genealogy accompanies this sampler.

Price: SOLD  



Philadelphia Antique Needlework Sampler
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A large scenic Philadelphia needlework worked by Elizabeth Jolley in 1824 and recorded in the landmark text American samplers by Bolton and Coe, page 181. This exceptionally well executed work is similar to examples in Betty Ring, Girlhood Embroidery, pages 366-368.

Conservation mounted in its original gilt frame and glass.




Westtown sampler
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A very early Quaker sampler worked by Sarah Saltar in 1802 when she was attending the three year old Westtown Boarding School. Sarah entered school in the fifth month of 1801 and the school first opened in the fifth month of 1799. Her home was Shewsbury, New Jersey. The needlework is in excellent condition and fully conserved mounted in a period reproduction frame. 12 1/2" wide X 12" high sampler size.




Chester County Purse Cover
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 A very colorful Chester County, Pennsylvania wool on linen panel, circa 1770. This piece is the colorful cover of an unfinished pocketbook and is almost identical to a finished example in the collection of the Chester County Historical Society.







Hubbel antique needlework sampler
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A large and impressive Delaware Valley sampler worled by Mary Hubbell in 1826. This sampler is part of a group worked by both Bucks and Montgomery County makers from 1790 to 1830. The location of a school and teacher is unknown at this time and it is possible that several locations are involved. The stylized floral border, the vase of flowers and the terraced lawn are all seen in other Delaware valley examples.

Excellent condition and fully conserved.




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